How to fit in exercise after having a baby

How to fit in exercise after having a baby

Q: It’s hard enough to get myself fed now that I have a new baby. How do I fit in regular exercise?

A: We know that learning to take care of basic necessities like showering, preparing and eating food, and getting errands done can be challenging in the early months. It’s no wonder that exercise and self-care falls to the wayside. But just like eating and showering, regular exercise provides important benefits to you AND your baby. I’d like to see it placed toward the top of a new mother’s priority list.

To answer your question of “how,” I’ve turned to some of my clients who have mastered making exercise a part of their lives after having a baby – or babies in this case.

“After having my twins, much of my life seemed out of control. Exercise was a great way for me to regain control of my body and my health,” says Leslie Fox, a mom of three in Cary. “It was also an integral part of getting over the baby blues.”

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