Sometimes overnight doula help IS fun and games

Submitted by guest blogger and postpartum doula Erica Aday

You might think doula work is all about the babies, but one of the best things about being a postpartum doula is getting to know and work with other doulas. The First Daze & Nightzzz doulas are an extraordinary and interesting team of women. Among us are devoted moms, daughters, grandmothers, wives and friends who do amazing things like practice yoga, run marathons, extreme bird-watch, downsize into a “tiny house”, paint murals, and travel the world. And yet, with such diverse interests and backgrounds, we are all united by our desire to help families adjust to and enjoy the journey of parenthood. Each of us has our own unique life story and has traveled a different path to become part of our community of caregivers. The variety of knowledge and experiences we share with each other allows us to continue to grow professionally and better serve families. We come together as often as possible to acknowledge and build upon these connections over good food, wine and laughter. ...

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