Are you struggling with breastfeeding or getting baby to take a bottle? Are you having trouble settling your fussy baby, establishing healthy sleep routines, or venturing outside the house after your birth? Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the demands of being a new parent?

Our goal is to help you, and all parents – one and two parent families, adoptive parents, parents with multiples, and same sex parents – become baby whisperers. By understanding your baby’s needs, you can avoid unnecessary fussiness, establish healthy feeding and sleeping habits, get more sleep, build your confidence as a parent, and find the time to focus on what really matters. 

Postpartum Services: Expert support to get baby eating and sleeping well and help mom do the important work of recovering from birth. 

Sleep Services: Sleep support for newborns, babies, toddlers, and young children. 

The Dream Team: Our dynamic team of doulas and sleep coaches will help you transition into parenthood after birth or adoption. 

Our doula’s role was to coach me (and my spouse) through infant care. She helped me figure out what baby items I really needed and what could be donated outright, she set me up and got me organized in all aspects of baby clutter, and most importantly she loved and cared for my whole family. Sure, I could have made it through the last 19 weeks without this support, but I am a better mother and my child is better cared for because of this gift.
— Mother of 5-month old in Durham