Books for your babies

As postpartum doulas and baby experts with close to a quarter of a century experience (for some of us) working with babies and young children, we have opinions about STUFF. You know, the stuff that takes over your home and changes it from DINK digs to something resembling an indoor playground. 


Let me quickly add, when it comes to stuff, we think less is more. More stuff does not make parenting easier or better. It doesn’t make children smarter or happier. In fact, too much stuff can overwhelm a baby, toddler or young child. (If you already have too many toys and books, learn about how to manage them and make playtime more fun here.) 

But I digress…

Back to our opinions on the stuff we buy for our little ones. We love books. We love encouraging our clients to incorporate reading with their children at an early age into their wind down routines, connection times with mom or dad, at bedtime or just any time it feels good. 

I have special memories of the books my children loved when they were babies. I suspect, too, they got plenty of extra fiber from the corners of some of those board books they chewed and the paper pages they ripped and possibly swallowed. But then, we didn’t have Indestructibles

Indestructibles are baby books made of a paper like material that’s 100% nontoxic as well as chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof. As with most amazing baby products, Indestructibles were invented out of necessity by Amy Pixton, a mother of triplets, “after bits of traditional board books found their way into her babies' mouths.” 

Doula Karen gives Indestructibles the doula seal of approval and gifts them to clients. As you can see by the photo, they pass the muster with our most discriminating clients - the babies! 

There’s no need to wait until a certain age before you introduce books. Start now reading to your baby. Newborns are calmed by the rhythmic sounds of your voice reading them stories or nursery rhymes. Four month olds will begin to show interest in the books (and will explore by chewing them). By six month and up, your baby will take more of an interest in the story and the pictures. I hope Indestructibles will find a place in your library.