Spring cleaning? Remember to clean the air, too!

Breathing. Something most of us take for granted and yet, without it we perish. Many of us spend quite a bit of time thinking about the quality of the food and water we put into our bodies in order to achieve and support good health, but how often do we think about the quality of our air? Unlike some countries whose pollution levels force the citizens to think about it, our air quality isn’t something we typically need to consider. 

Until we have to. 

That’s what happened to us. Oh sure, I had dabbled in so-called air purifiers because of my seasonal allergies and the fact that we have pets indoors. But it wasn’t until my husband was hit with a debilitating sinus issue that we got serious about it. In fact, his ENT told him to get a high quality air purifier and use it. 

Let me back up. First, Jay rarely got sick. It was me who needed allergy meds, prescription eye drops and nasal sprays to get me through the worst of the season (which seemed to get longer and longer each year). There were times I wanted to claw at my itchy eyes with sharp objects. You could often find me with ice packs on my face trying to ease the horrible itching. I was grateful to pharmaceutical relief even though I am very sensitive to the side effects. It was a trade-off for sure. 

Then, one bizarre event (a nasty, old bird’s nest falling on his face while he was pruning shrubs) put Jay on a path of illness and doctors and two sinus surgeries and, after about 2 years, a return to health. Hallelujah. 

About a year or so into his fiasco, and after buying and returning a few different air purifiers and humidifiers that weren’t making a difference, we learned about Venta USA. The Venta Airwasher, which is engineered and manufactured in Germany, is a purifier and humidifier all in one. Two separate units aren’t needed - a big plus. But unlike other humidifiers which force air out in the form of vapor and mist and are often found to be unsafe, the Venta uses a cold evaporation system and patented “Disc Stacks.”

Here’s Venta’s description of how their product works. “As the Airwasher motor and fan circulates the room’s air, it also slowly rotates the Disc Stack. The fan blows the dry room air over the water adhered to the discs and humidifies the air evenly and safely using cold water evaporation. Simultaneously, the discs collect unwanted airborne particles from the air, which are then deposited in the bottom of the water reservoir. Since the Airwasher only releases properly humidified air, the unwanted airborne particles are trapped and left behind in the reservoir.”

I’ll save all the technical information for you to read to your heart’s content on their website. But let me tell you our experience. 

The first thing we noticed was the change in our skin. Typically when winter time rolls around, we suffer cracked fingers and lips as well as dry nasal passages and bloody noses from indoor heat and cold weather. But with our Venta Airwasher in the bedroom, our skin was much more hydrated than in winters past. Then came spring and all the pollens that go along with it. My nemeses. To my amazement, I didn’t need to fill my prescription for antihistamine eye drops and I didn’t need to take allergy meds daily. On a couple of occasions I used some over the counter drops but it was like night and day to the year before. The same was true for last fall. I even turned down a paid offer to participate in a study for a trial allergy medicine - something I’d done frequently in the past - because I wasn’t experiencing enough symptoms to warrant the participation. 

Venta Airwasher in baby nursery

My husband, who is completely healed and symptom-free, takes full ownership of our bedroom Venta - that’s how important the health benefits are to him. And, he’s become an aficionado of essential oils which he adds to our Airwasher. Venta sells a 100% natural line of aromatherapy fragrances. I love entering the bedroom at night and being greeted by a soothing scent. 

Yes, I am a believer, and I recommend that you consider a Venta Airwasher for your home, your children’s bedrooms and any place that you want purified, clean air. By the way, the fan (our model has 3 levels) provides a wonderfully soothing sound for sweet slumbers. Air purifier, humidifier and white noise are housed all in one compact unit. 

With spring on the way along with the pollen that comes with it, now is a perfect time to think about investing in an air purifier for your home.  So as you start your spring cleaning, remember to clean your air, too!

Heck, even the leading NASA team member of the Mars 2020 mission chose the Venta Airwasher for pure air here on Earth! Now that’s impressive.