First Daze & Nightzzz in the News

ABC 11 reporter Caitlin Knute shows viewers how First Daze & Nightzzz doula services help new parents establish healthy feeding and sleeping habits. View video here.

WRAL news anchor Kathryn Brown talks to the experts, Pam Diamond and Karen Baker, about how to set up a nursery and prepare for twins. View video here.

Midtown Raleigh News featured Pam Diamond, owner of First Daze & Nightzzz, and the services she provides Triangle families. View article here.

First Daze and Nightzzz on Instagram

New Parent Learning Curve...with Triplets

New parents of triplets explain how to shortcut the learning curve of life with 3 babies. 

Two Outstanding Women

Local photographer My Friend Teresa shares her gratitude and experience of learning to understand her newborn with First Daze doula, Pam Diamond. Read more here

Preschool and Beyond Podcast

Pam Diamond talks with Mike Dlott at Discovery Child Development Center about common sleep problems and discusses solutions to getting your child a full night's sleep.

Topics discussed include:

  • Causes of sleep problems

  • Creating bedtime routines

  • Adjusting for clock changes

  • Transitioning to a bed

  • When to seek outside help

Resource Videos

Swaddling Basics 1 - Pam explains why we swaddle and how to do the “Baby Burrito” swaddle technique.

Swaddling Basics 2 - Do you have a tiny escape artist? Pam demonstrates the double swaddle technique.

Swaddling Basics 3 - Learn to use the Miracle Blanket® in this short video demonstration.